Monday, 1 May 2017

Employee Pooling: A Customer Centric Organization

Employee Pooling delivers innovative business outsourcing solutions designed to simplify workflow, boost productivity and drive revenues. We are one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company which offers variety of services like - Mortgage, Insurance, Revenue Cycle Management and Legal Process Outsourcing Services. 

At Employee Pooling, we ensure to keep our customers at the core of everything as we move around in the customer lifecycle. All our activities are aligned to what the customer is trying to attain.

Our foremost focus is on the customers along with the services that we are providing to them. We have designed our organization from customer’s perspective and henceforth, we are very flexible and focused on customer’s changing needs and market conditions. Further, as customer – centric association, we foresee customer’s needs and provide them with answers to all their difficulties. Additionally, we support customers in their endeavors and give them great experience and work towards accomplishing their goals.
The eight attributes that we follow to make our organization customer centric are as follows:

Customer Focused Leadership: - 
Customer Focused Leadership is defined as commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer focus is considered to be one of the major aspects for the overall success of the organization and this involves ensuring that all aspects of the company put its customer satisfaction at the topmost position. We at Employee Pooling ensure customer focused leadership approach towards our valuable customers.

Understanding Your Customers: - To know your customer’s need, is one of the key aspects which help all the organizations to grow as well as to be customer centric. At Employee Pooling, we understand our customer’s needs thoroughly by supporting them day in and day out.

Design the Experience: -We design the experience as per the expectations of the customer and this is one of the essential elements of any business organization. We provide tailor made services i.e. we mould our processes as per our customer’s requirements and follow them.

Empower Front Line: - Front line agents are the bread and butter of all the organizations. We at Employee Pooling ensures to train the front end employees and make them proficient so that they can understand the process aptly. Further, we also ensure that our front end employees understand and comprehend the process and follow it with 100% accuracy.

Metrics that Matter: -
The metrics that usually matter for a business to grow are customer loyalty and retention, cost of customer acquisition, operating productivity, size of gross margin and sales revenue. The major metrics we, here at our company provide to all our customers are phenomenal cost saving, simplified onboarding, employee satisfaction and increased revenues. 

Feedback Drives Continuous Improvement: -
Bill Gates quoted “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.  At Employee Pooling, we are completely open to feedbacks from our customers. We take the feedbacks positively and try to improve ourselves constantly.

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