Monday, 15 May 2017

Benefits of Litigation Support Services

Every organization in the current business scenario is looking for ways in order to enhance its profitability and gain an extra edge over its competitors. Among the law firms, outsourcing the legal support services has turned out to be a common phenomenon. Legal firms are opting for outsourcing services in order to ensure the optimal utilization of resources and making the best use of time. These services have made the life of lawyers easier by reducing their workload. Below mentioned are the following advantages which the legal process outsourcing services offer:- 

 Access to variety of services: - Document management, e-discovery, deposition summaries and analysis, document review, case summaries, summarization of records and proofreading are some of the non-core tasks which can be effectively outsourced by the company. By outsourcing these time-consuming tasks, company gets additional time to focus on the core-business activities like business development and sales. 

 Access to External Talent: - Outsourcing legal services helps the firms to get access to high level legal talented personnel. For example: If the company lacks the expertise in litigation support like deposition summaries and analysis, then finding a suitable personnel for this task might be time consuming and quite expensive. Henceforth, the outsourced firm comes to the picture and provides talented personnel and makes the task easy.

 Cost Effective: - Cost –saving is one of the major advantages of outsourcing. Labor arbitrage is the process through which organizations are able to reduce the cost-structure and reap the benefits of the low cost. For e.g: Hiring a legal official in house might cost $150/ hour whereas if we transfer the same to the outsourcing company then it will cost them nearly $75/hour.

 Round the Clock time:- Off shoring/Outsourcing helps organizations to take the advantage of multiple shifts and time-zone differences than the other organizations. This time-zone difference is truly important for contracts, legal research, electronic document management and document discovery. The time difference of 11.5 hours helps the organizations for 24/7 round the clock operations.

Seamless process migration:-  Since the outsourced company personnel are quite experienced in most of the cases, this helps the firm to successfully/seamlessly transfer the work which help in the productivity of organization.

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